Lyris Webcast: Personalization Prowess: Anatomy of a Top Performing Email Marketer

Realizing the true potential of personalization remains a formidable challenge for marketers. Research shows that 80 percent of email marketers are still only using basic personalization techniques. Yet, a small percentage of organizations consistently outperform their peers in email open rates, click-through rates and conversion on email campaigns. What role does personalization play in this performance advantage? Can we quantify the value of these techniques? Yes!

Join our Webinar hosts, Ian Michiels and Tina Stewart, as they discuss insights from the 2011 Gleanster Email Personalization survey and identify how “Top Performing” organizations use personalization to grow market share, beat sales targets and increase qualified opportunities.


  • The 3 most effective habits of Top Performing email marketers
  • What tools these organizations use to power personalized communications
  • How Top Performing organizations justify new initiatives and technology investments
  • The single most important thing you can do to immediately improve customer engagement (Hint: it costs nothing, requires no additional resources, and it?s staring you in the face)

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