EIU Consumer and EIU Marketing Executive Survey Findings

By 2020, the digital universe is projected to increase to a total 35 zettabytes, resulting in an enormous amount of customer interactive data available to organizations. However, according to a new survey released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by Lyris, marketers are failing to use data to get a better understanding of consumers. In fact, the survey reveals that data is confusing marketers and, as a result, is often ignored – resulting in a number of interesting gaps between what marketers think their customers want and what their customers actually care about.

Are you minding the gap?

These reports provide new perspectives on these critical gaps – and identify where opportunities exist to bridge them. Key findings include:

  • Marketers underestimate the influence of email.
  • Social media and mobile are overhyped as influencers in the consumer purchasing lifecycle.
  • Consumers believe marketers’ attempts at personalization are superficial.
  • Marketers and consumers have different views on privacy.

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