Lyris Webcast: Kick Start 2011 - 10 Trends That Will Make or Break Your Email Results

Even in a strong economy, email and online marketers struggle to do more with less and stay ahead of the competition.

But in an unsteady economy where resources are tight and sales sluggish...where inboxes are overstuffed and competitive “noise” is at an all time high...the challenge is even greater. How can email marketers gain greater efficiencies and higher ROI now and moving into 2011?

Spend an invaluable hour with prominent email marketing expert Cathi Mason, who will reveal the latest trends in email marketing for the coming year and show you how to leverage them to your advantage, jump-start revenue for 2011 and pull ahead of the competition.

Here’s a sneak peek at the 2011 Trends:

  • Opt-in list Building: Automatically
  • List Maintenance & Hygiene— Stop the Churn
  • Deliverability & Authentication Today
  • Drive Relevance through Segmentation
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Test and Analyze
  • Automate for Impact
  • Mobile is the “New” Standard
  • Integration— Pulling it All Together

As a special bonus, all Webcast attendees will receive a link to download our free complementary 2011 Trends guide as a follow up to the presentation. This actionable how-to guide is designed to improve your online marketing results now and in the coming year.

Watch the Webcast

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