Holiday Deliverability: Fundamentals
to Refinements

Twenty-two percent of commercial emails sent globally in the first half of 2013 never made it to the inbox. So how can you be sure your emails will reach your customers' crowded inboxes during the holidays?

Avoid the temptation of repeating last year’s campaign because you feel rushed. There is still time to improve your existing program and make sure you are handling critical issues that will validate your sender reputation and improve your delivery and conversion rates.

Start with the fundamentals, then fine tune them!

Lyris' Global Head of Deliverability Evan Burke covers the basics of building a solid deliverability foundation and provides expert advice on how to improve performance, even in the face of increased email volumes, to drive end-of-year revenue.

Topics covered in this Webinar include:

  • Measuring deliverability
  • Comparing your existing program against others
  • Building strategies to optimize performance

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