Lyris Webcast: 500 Marketers Can’t be Wrong: Proven Strategies for Social + Email

The world of social media and how it converges with other digital channels is a moving target. And as a busy email marketer, you can’t afford a scattershot approach to testing social strategies – you need proven results on what works now.

So how can you pinpoint the tactics that are most likely to improve your cross-channel efforts and avoid those that will waste your time? Find out the answers to these questions in an informative Webinar featuring Aberdeen’s Senior Research Analyst Trip Kucera and Lyris’ SVP of Customer Success Nello Franco.

Trip will share insights from Aberdeen’s Social Media Marketing research and Nello will follow with practical tips and real-world examples of what works.

You’ll learn:

  • How "best-in-class" companies are integrating social media
  • Top social tactics "best-in-class" marketers use
  • Missed opportunities that hurt average companies
  • How to shift your social efforts from "okay" to "outstanding"
  • Real-world case studies and strategies

Watch the Webcast

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